Analyzing Amanda Knox's body language

Published On: Apr 30 2013 11:56:32 PM PDT
Analyzing Amanda Knox's body language
SPOKANE, Wash. -

All eyes were glued to the TV as Amanda Knox, the Seattle woman at the center of the Italian murder mystery, finally broke her silence.


In her first TV interview, Knox opened up to Diane Sawyer and left nothing on the table. She talked about her life in prison and thoughts of suicide.

Knox spent 1,400 days in jail for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. The case was overturned but last month a new trial was declared.

KXLY4 watched the exclusive ABC News interview with world renowned body language expert, David Givens.


Givens has been observing Knox's body language for years and says her body language shows she is extremely credible.


"She seems relaxed and truthful. I don't see any deception indicated," Givens said.


Throughout the interview from talking about the Itallian police to Meredith Kercher, Givens says Knox wasn't acting.

He points out that her posture, hand gestures and smile were all natural and not forced.


"She maintains this good strong eye contact with her interviewer, she accents her words with head nods, which is affirmative," Givens said.


The tension in her throat and her slow blink rate, Givens says helps to show she's relaxed.


"She showed emotions in her face, her lips, the way she shook her head back and forth," Givens said.


Givens says he's has watched many liars in his day, but says Knox isn't one of them.

"She is not a deceiver, she is telling the truth, she is displaying emotional feelings about the police and the whole process," Givens said.