Officials at Spokane International Airport announced Thursday it us launching a new customer rewards program for travelers making purchases at the airport.

The rewards program gives travelers frequent flier miles or hotel reward points for making purchases in shops and restaurants at the airport, paying for parking or staying overnight at the two hotels adjacent to the airport.

“Whether paying for parking, buying a gift at Simply Northwest, or enjoying a bite to eat at Vintage Washington, passengers will be able to accumulate mileage with their favorite airline," SIA CEO Lawrence Krauter said.

Frequent flier miles can be accumulated for airlines that fly out of Spokane, including Alaska, Delta, Frontier, United and US Airways. Southwest Airlines will join the program in October.

The program was made possible through Thanks Again, which has a presence in more than 170 airports across the country, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Portland International Airport.

Travelers can enroll in the program online at www.thanksagain.com/GEG or by texting FLYGEG to 82257.