ACCOIN, the American Childhood Cancer Association of the Inland Northwest, is a little group with a big mission to help kids beat cancer, and could use your help this month just by purchasing a cup of coffee.

September is childhood cancer awareness month and at Wake Up Call Coffee's 5th and Freya location they're always busy, but are hoping to be busier on Fridays. Every Friday this month they're donating a dollar from every sale of their signature drinks to ACCOIN.

Kids can't fight cancer alone, a memorable slogan for ACCOIN and a truth Sandi Druffel knows all too well.

“You don't know what's going to happen. You're scared, everyone is scared. You feel alone at first, 'Why us?'" she said.

Little Stella, Sandi's granddaughter, was diagnosed with leukemia before kindergarten

“She went through some difficult times. A couple times we thought we had lost her," Sandi said.

Like most curveballs life throws our way, there is no manual for families fighting cancer.

“But what ACCOIN has done is it's been our support group. They have been there to answer questions and to help us through this journey and let us know what's happening," Sandi said.

“ACCOIN does just such a great job for providing visibility and a ton of help for these kids that are going through something that is pretty terrible," Christopher Arkoosh said.

Money donated to ACCOIN stays right here in the Inland Northwest and teaming with the organization was a no-brainer for the folks at Wake Up Call Coffee.

“It's really nice to partner up with a local charity that is helping local kids and local families," Micheal Thomas said.

“We've always been and tried to be a big part of our neighborhoods that we are in. We want to be partnered with local charities and show our support for the community that supports us," Christopher Arkoosh said.

Last year, Wake Up Call donated more than $3,000 to ACCOIN through their September promotion, their customers stepping up to get kids like Stella on the path to recovery.

“She can get on with living a little more, get the port out and be a kid again," Sandi said.