SPOKANE, Wash. -

Renovations at Riverfront Park are slowly on their way to becoming a reality. A committee is working on plans to transform Spokane's jewel.

"It's always been fun! We still come down for Pig Out and just to walk through," Spokane resident Bridget Piper said.

Piper was here before the park was a park.

"1970 - this was all not very attractive railroad tracks." she said.\

Piper has watched the park transform but after almost 40 years the park is over the hill and in need of a facelift.

"We are really trying to play around with a lot of ideas," Leroy Eadie, Director of Spokane's Parks and Recreation, said.

One of those ideas is to cover the Pavilion with a translucent cover. "The Pavilion can almost become a community lantern.  When the sun goes down, you have this beautiful image of a Pavilion in the skyline," Eadie said.

The city is working on phase two of the park's master plan. Right now there's lots of ideas floating around on ways to spruce up the 100-acre park like moving the Ice Palace.

"It would almost be like a frozen pond experience and amongst the trees," Eadie said.

As for the IMAX, it will need a digital upgrade in a few years and may be getting a new partner. "Potentially bringing in a National Geographic brand to our theater still having the big screen but moving away from our affiliation with IMAX," Eadie said.

Another possibility is to have an observation deck off the Clock Tower, which would give people a way to see the entire city.

"You know, I think, it's a great idea. Some of the park is getting tried," Piper said.

The committee will be working on the master plan until next Spring but in the next month or so, they will be asking for public input.

Ultimately, the voters will have the final say.  The city is looking at putting a $50-Million park bond on the November 2014 ballot.