ROSALIA, Wash. -

You can't miss them driving on Highway 195. A wind farm is going up near Rosalia that can produce enough energy for tens of thousands of homes.

They may be not be spinning yet but the turbines are already turning heads. So far crews have put in 180,000 hours of work.

By the time they're done in November, there will be 58 turbines spanning 9,000 acres. Each turbine is approximately 260 feet tall, the blades 161 feet long.

There were challenges just to get the material to the construction sight like improving "turn radius on several county roads and county road tie-ins to the state road infrastructure," said FirstWind Project Manager Aaron Pedigo.

The wind farm will generate enough power for around 30,000 homes.

AVISTA has a thirty year contract to buy this energy at a locked in rate to be used in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

The wind farm will help them reach a Washington state mandate to use 9 percent renewable energy by 2016 to meet customer demand.