Spokane Police are recommending a teenager be charged with killing a woman as she walked her dog earlier this year. Avondre Graham is already in custody; he was arrested last week for attacking a woman on the Centennial Trail.

Graham will also be charged with attacking a Gonzaga student as she ran on the trail August 30th.

55-year old Sharlotte McGill had just left her home on East Riverton in early May when she was attacked and stabbed. Before she died, she said the man who attacked her was a black man with a bad eye.

Police searched for months; turns out, 17-year old Graham lived in the same apartment complex as McGill and matches the description she gave just before her death.

"Avondre Graham was interviewed shortly after the murder occurred he was someone who was on our radar," Major Craig Meidl said.

Police say Graham's friends or family began running interference for him, slowing down the investigation.

"We did have some witnesses who were not forthcoming with information and provided some erroneous information to detectives," Meidl said.

To make matters worse, there was more than one viable suspect. Steven Lewis missed his court date this morning Sharlotte McGill was killed. Lewis has a violent past, has a bad eye and actually shares the same apartment with Avondre Graham.

Police compared evidence found at the murder scene to both Lewis and Graham, but couldn't make a match.

Graham was arrested last week, after a bystander saw a woman being attacked on the Centennial Trail. That man stopped the attack and chased the suspect, who was later arrested by police. Graham is being held in juvenile detention but is being charged as an adult for last week's attack.

Graham will also be charged with attacking a Gonzaga student as she ran on the Centennial Trail August 30th. She told police she was approached by a black man, who also matches Graham's description. He tried to punch her in the face, but she turned and was hit in the back of the head. She was able to get away and call for help.