Spokane Police use new technology, hard work to catch criminals

Published On: Mar 02 2013 12:55:45 AM PST
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane police have their sights set on heroin dealers. This morning the city's SWAT team executed two search warrants and put two people behind bars. The first was at Fourth and Altamont, the other at Second and Fiske.

Spokane's Special Investigations unit has had their eye on this neighborhood for at least a month. They say surveillance has been difficult because the homes are fairly isolated, and with no other homes in the area it took longer for detectives to confirm their suspicions that drugs were being bought and sold here.

But the unit did use new technology on the case. Comp State is a data-driven analysis program that police are using to crack down on problem locations and people they suspect are the source of illegal activity.

Statistics matched with good old-fashioned, solid police work tell officers where to be and when to be there, and today's bust is just one example of how it's been working