Shriners Hospital hoping for $15M expansion

Hospital will find out about project funding in early April

Published On: Mar 01 2013 06:42:29 PM PST
Spokane's Shriners Hospital saved for now

Shriners Hosptial in Spokane is hoping to expand to help more children with funding they're still waiting for approval on but confident it will come through.

In 2009 the local Shriners Hospital was on a list of possible hospitals to be closed. Now they are looking at some major expansion.

After being put on the short list for cuts, the hospital reconfigured its staff and is now listed as one of the most efficient of the Shiners hospitals. It is hoping to get $15 million to help expand its building to accommodate more out-patients.

"Over 60-percent of our patients are actually out-patient surgeries, so part of the reconstruction would be taking part of our fifth floor administration area and creating an out-patient surgery and procedure room," Kristin Monasmith with Shriners Hospital said.

The hospital's family center would be torn down, moved and expanded to care for more families in need of extended stays.. The hospital has preliminary approval from Shiners International but not the final go ahead to start construction..

The hospital won't know if it's approved for the funding until early April.