SPOKANE, Wash. -

It may be too soon to buy Christmas decorations or even think about the holiday season, but it's never too soon to consider applying for a seasonal job.

Major retailers will hire thousands this year to help them through the busiest shopping season. Target plans to hire 90,000 people and 50 to 60 in the Spokane-area. Kohl's wants 52,000 seasonal employees nation-wide, Wal-Mart hopes to hire 50,000 and Toys-R-Us is beefing up its work force with 45,000 seasonal employees.

With so many still unemployed or underemployed the rush to grab a spot as a seasonal employee is on, which is why you'd want Dianne LaValley on your side. She's a job recruiter with Robert Half International and she knows her stuff.

“In many cases, people need to tweak their resumes to really match, as long as they have the skills, to really match what the client is looking for,” LaValley said.

She says it's not enough to put down on your resume that you have a college degree. Sometimes that random course you took can make you stand out.

“Write down the classes you took because those are buzz words. 90 percent of the applications now are being accepted via web and when that happens they are putting you in that no pile or the possible pile and the possible pile would be the one with the buzz words,” LaValley said.

The buzz words should come from the job description provided by the employer. Do they want a multi-tasker? Bold that quality in your resume. Next, when you land the temp job how do you make it permanent?

“Go in there and just be a rock star, do everything that they need you to do and go above and beyond, don't be lake, make sure you're dressing professionally, make sure you're not using your technology, that's a really big piece especially for the new generation,” LaValley said.

Also, LaValley says don't think of a seasonal job as a last resort either. See it as a chance to sample many companies and find your right fit.

“It's really worth being a risk taker, to step into something on a temporary basis,” LaValley said.