Preventive measures can help curtail senior injuries

Published On: Oct 29 2012 06:34:53 PM PDT   Updated On: Oct 29 2012 06:36:32 PM PDT
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Did you know falls are the number one cause of injuries, hospital visits and deaths among those 65 and older? However falls are not inevitable and can be prevented.

Every year, firefighters respond to thousands of 911 calls reporting an elderly person has fallen. In 2008, more than two million older Americans were injured in falls.

Mike Godek is with Senior Helpers, a company that provides in-home caregivers so seniors can live independently at home for long as possible. He said that a few simple things like handrails placed to help someone get out of the shower can help make a difference. Also, a shower chair with hand-held shower head also can help prevent falls.

So can something like getting feet measured; foot sizes can change and a shoe that is too large is a tripping hazard. Experts also recommend yearly eye check ups as blurry vision can cause falls. They also suggest securing rugs to the floor so they can't slip.

Speaking of slipping, get socks with traction on the bottom.

Godek says if falls do happen, technology, like a personal emergency response system, can call for help if you can't.

"Someone will come over the loud speaker and ask if you're okay and if there's no response EMS is called," he explained.

There's also wireless pressure sensitive pads for the bed that can detect if someone may have slipped to the floor.

If you think there are some changes to be made in your home to help prevent falls in your home, Senior Helpers can help there too.

"We'll do a home safety evaluation for free we'll tell you all the things you need to stay independent," Godek said.

For more information call Senior Helpers for a free evaluation of your home at (509) 922-4333.