Police cracking down on child car seat safety violations

Published On: Mar 26 2013 06:49:41 PM PDT
Child car seat
SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Spokane Police Department will be adding extra patrols this spring looking for child car seat safety violations.

Child car seat laws change from time to time so it's important to educate yourself when they do.

As if to accentuate the point, a bad accident involving small children happened Tuesday morning around 7 a.m. at the intersection of Mission and Ruby. The incident served as a sobering reminder of how important it is to follow child car seat safety laws.

"That one extra step of keeping your kids properly restrained is what's going to help them prevent serious injuries or even fatalities in a crash," Spokane police officer Teresa Fuller said.

That extra step likely saved two small children Tuesday. Too often, unfortunately, crashes involving small children and infants end in tragedy. In 2006, 24-year old Eileen Jensen put her 3-month-old daughter Chloe in the front seat and she died from injuries sustained in a crash.

"All it takes is that split second for tragedy to happen and if we can prevent that, that's what our goal is," Fuller said.

Police see a lot of violations, ranging from children in booster seats that are too young or small and kids under 13 riding in the front seat.

"We're not going to be giving warnings because it has been law since 2007 and this is kind of along the same lines of 'Click it or ticket.' We're done giving warnings at this point, we have been out there, we have had PSAs (Public Safety Announcements) on the air, parents should know by now what the rules are," Fuller said.