Parents camp out to get kids into kindergarten

Published On: Oct 01 2012 06:48:42 PM PDT
Waiting to sign up kids for kindergarten
SPOKANE, Wash. -

School's only been back in session for one month at Mead School District but some parents are already thinking about next year.

At Prairie View Elementary School parents camped out over the weekend just to register their kids for kindergarten. Ken Hibbard was the first parent in line.

"We've been here for 24 hours since 7 o'clock yesterday morning," Hibbard said.

This devoted dad wants to make sure his son, Nicholas, gets into the neighborhood school that's just 3 minutes away. If he doesn't get in, he'll be bused to another school 20 minutes away. 

At this elementary school, the supply doesn't meet the demand so every year parents like Hibbard camp out for kindergarten registration.

"Unfortunately, it's become a standard routine for us; it's not something that we relish but we understand the situation and we try to make it as comfortable for our families as possible," Principal Eric Hoglund said.

The school strives to keep kinder classes small. They only let in 80 kids into the kindergarten each year so that classes sizes won't get any larger than 20. 

"Large class sizes don't always do what's best for learning so we keep the class sizes small so we can maximize our learning time," Hoglund added.

First, the school lets in kids who've got older siblings there. Then they'll let in the kids whose parents waited in line - the higher the number, the better chance of getting in.