SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Orofino Police Department in Clearwater County have identified the five people killed in Saturday's house fire and believe all five died in their sleep.

The victims include two adults and three teenagers, including a friend who was staying over at the house for a birthday celebration. They are: Allen West, 31, Rosemary Wooster, 39, Trevor Wiley, 17, Zachary Wooster, 13 and Colby Stedman, 13.

Investigators believe there were no working smoke detectors in the home, which could have alerted everyone to get out.

"It should be a wake up to everybody in our community to look at this incidient and learn something from it," Brian Schaeffer, Assistant Fire Chief of the Spokane Fire Department, said.

Less than 25% of the house fires that the Spokane Fire Department responds to actually have working smoke detectors. The department recommends you have dual smoke detectors in your home.

"They are the best technology that we have to offer with the additional 10-year 9 volt battery," Schaeffer added.

It's not just smoke detectors you need to check. It's important to make sure you don't have overloaded extension cords or wall sockets. Investigators believe an overloaded power cord that was plugged into an electric grill on the front porch sparked the fire.

"Overloaded circuits are not a new phenomenon but they are predictable thus preventable. You want to go through all of your circuits and make sure they are not overloaded and make sure you don't have extension cord to extension cord to extension cord that builds up wire friction and can cause a fire," Schaeffer said.