SPOKANE, Wash. -

2013 is already a better start than last year for one Spokane family. Their three-year-old daughter was burned in an electrical house fire last New Year's Day.

As most people stayed up late Monday night to celebrate the new year, Jodi Lacer was up because she couldn't sleep.

"With it happening at 5 o'clock in the morning, I was up and down all night," Lacer said.

She and her husband, Charles, were still worried about their four-year-old daughter Makila.

"It's like it doesn't even phase her sometimes," Jodi said of Makila.

One year ago, the Lacers woke up to Makila screaming and running down the hall.  An electrical fire started in her room, and flames burned her legs.

"The first day, it was just all surreal. It was just trying to wrap your mind around everything that had happened," Charles said.

After a week in the hospital, and medical procedures, Makila started to get back to her old self. The community helped by donating toys, clothes, beds, and couches. Friends and family from Oregon visited in the hospital and at their home. 

Makila even got to play Mario Kart for hours with a Spokane Shock player.

"You don't think people actually care, and then something like this happens and I still to this day can't believe it," Jodi said.

Although Makila's shy around TV cameras, she lights up playing just dance on the Nintendo Wii. Makila is looking forward to her fifth birthday this month, and starting kindergarten in the fall. They're hopes that didn't seem possible one year ago.