Nathan is a bookworm

Published On: Jun 28 2012 12:43:38 AM PDT   Updated On: Jun 28 2012 12:48:22 AM PDT
Nathan is a bookworm
Lewiston, Idaho -

Nathan loves to be outside playing sports in Lewiston. He said pretty much anything outdoors tops his list.

"(I like to) hike, fish and that kind of stuff," he said.

He said he'd love to live in Alaska because of the wildlife and he wouldn't be bothered by the snow and the cold. He also enjoys a good book.

"I like to read lots of stuff but mostly reference books and stuff about World War II....anything educational. I also like to read fantasy and mountain men kind of books. That's fun," said Nathan.

His favorite book is a western terminology book. "It's like a dictionary of words they were using in the 1830's," he said.

But when he's not reading, he writes stories.

"I like to write nature stories and spy stories and stuff," he said.

He even has a forensic science kit with fingerprinting dust. He said it keeps other people in his foster home on their toes.

Nathan said he would love to discover an adoptive family that would accept him for who he is.

"I want a mother and a father and that kind of stuff. A few pets would be nice...probably living in the country sort of thing or maybe on a farm," he said.

He said having brothers and sisters would also be nice but he wouldn't mind being an only child. If he had his own room, he said he would love to have book shelves and a window with a good view.

If you would live information on adopting Nathan, call 1-800-927-9411.