Handy tips to saving in the grocery checkout line

Published On: Oct 29 2012 07:13:20 PM PDT   Updated On: Oct 29 2012 07:14:32 PM PDT
Getting creative to beat rising food prices
SPOKANE, Wash. -

We're paying more for a lot of things these days, including groceries, which means shoppers are looking for ways to save money at the store.

Unfortunately not everyone is shopping wisely and it all starts with doing your homework. Use those flyers you get every week from grocery stores and figure out where the best sales are.

It's no fun to buy an item, head to the next store on your list and find the item you just bought cheaper at the second place.

Also, cut some coupons; yes it takes time but in the end its worth it. Be sure to read the fine print on the coupons too; some stores allow you to use multiple coupons on the same product.

For some reason people shy away from bulk bins but if you're regularly buying a product -- like oatmeal or cashews -- use them. They're typically much cheaper than buying pre-packaged portions and you can weigh out exactly how much you need.

Finally, prices spike when produce goes out of season because of the extra work needs to get the produce into the store. Stick to seasonal produce; you'll get lower prices and fresher food.