Good Samaritan, veterinarians save bald eagle.

Published On: Jun 01 2012 10:44:20 PM PDT   Updated On: Jun 02 2012 10:48:12 AM PDT
Good Samaritan, veterinarians save bald eagle.
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A good Samaritan and a North Spokane veterinarian are being credited for helping save one of America's most treasured birds Friday night.

Veterinarians said a man driving in North Spokane came across a bald eagle laying on the side of a road Friday afternoon. The man scooped up the bird, wrapped him in a towel and quickly drove him to Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Luther McConnell got right to work.

"He's up and fighting," said Dr. McConnell. "He was flat out when he came in, so there has been some improvement." 

Dr, McConnell believes the bird was either hit by a car or ate something toxic.

"Most of the time, they can handle a lot of dead stuff. They usually don't like to eat rotten stuff, though. That's where the problem is. You get into some rotten stuff you don't know and you don't know, if it's botulism that's brewing the feed," he said.

To flush out any possible bacteria, McConnell carefully lowered a tube down the bird's throat.  He also started an IV in the eagle's wing to provide a steady stream of fluids and antibiotics.

"Now, we are going to do nothing with him until morning. Let him rest, let his stress level come back down to normal," he said.

Dr. McConnell is one of a handful of vets in the region taking care of injured wildlife. Hundreds of wild animals come through the hospital every year.

All medical supplies and time are donated. If you would like to help out the program, you can donate to Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital at 17117 N. Newport Highway.