Good Question: How do you stop campaign cold calls?

Published On: Oct 30 2012 07:56:47 PM PDT   Updated On: Oct 30 2012 07:58:55 PM PDT
Romney campaigning
SPOKANE, Wash. -

We're on the home stretch now, one week away from Election Day. That means campaigns are pulling out all the stops, desperate for every vote. For voters, that means more campaign calls, more campaign fliers and more candidates knocking at your door. 

But, there's a simple way to stop the campaign onslaught.

"Get it done early," Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton said. "I'm a first-weekend voter. And only one campaign has called me."

Dalton isn't bragging; she doesn't have a secret way around the system. She knows all you have to do to stop the campaigns is vote. 

"Every single day as the ballot envelopes come in, we process them through a big machine and that registers that the voter has returned their ballot envelope," Dalton said. 

That puts you on what's called a "matchback list." It's a daily record of whose ballots have come in. Campaigns get access to that list every day. They don't know who you voted for, just that you already did. If you're on that matchback list, you're likely off the list of potential voters kept by the campaigns.

"If they're calling potential voters, that's time and money being invested in that voter," Dalton explained. "So, if they don't need to call, it allows them to stretch their resources even farther."

That allows them to call and doorbell voters who may still be making up their minds. How fast does it work? Depends on the campaign.

"Some of the campaigns have become so sophisticated that the next day, the voters are off the list," Dalton said.

It's that easy. If you want the next week of your life to be campaign-call free, just make up your mind and get that ballot in the mail. As for those TV ads, well, you can't do much about that. And, they help keep our TV station on the air, so don't wish them away just yet