Gonzaga students react to Thursday's close win

Published On: Mar 22 2013 12:01:58 AM PDT
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A roller coaster of emotions as the Gonzaga men narrowly beat Southern University Thursday afternoon in Salt Lake City. The Zags did pull it off though 64 to 58.

Students clogged the Cog and huddled in dorms to watch their number one team play their first game in the NCAA tournament. The game they thought the Zags had in the bag turned into a nail biter right to the end.

“A little tense with all the scores and lack of scoring,” Sophomore Brittany Franco said.

“It was rough,” Sophomore John Stember said.

If the stress of college wasn't enough, having your team play a game like they could lose it...

“I was a little nervous, wanted the 'w' but it was... it was close,” Brooks Kern said exasperated.

Talk with any Gonzaga fan about the game and they'll tell you that even the most die hard fan's hope wavered just a bit.

“It was really stressful, I think a lot of people just kind of expected it to be a blow out,” Alex Tester said.

But, then again, die hard fans never give up.

“They're winning the title in every bracket I make,” Kern said.

If the Zags are playing on TV you can expect fans to gather at Jack and Dan's bar.

“Jack and Dan's is the place to come, I actually flew up here from Phoenix, Arizona to come here to watch with my buddy,” John Blair said.

He made a 1,300 mile trip to watch his favorite team in his favorite bar with buddies. That must be the power of Gonzaga.

“I actually feel more confident for them going forward after this game, I do, I really do,” Blair said.

Gonzaga now faces the Wichita State Shockers on Saturday, March 23rd in Salt Lake City at 5:50pm.