"He's a special kid in himself. I mean, I think that but you don't think that other people think of your child in that way and it's in honor to be the parent of a child that special," said Jacquelynn.

With his hat and smile still on, and possibly getting bigger you could almost hear the cheers to come.

"To have this type of opportunity is just tremendous," said Traylon.
"This is exactly the way it should be. Kids should always grow up with the opportunity to grow up in sports and not know anything different," said Skinner.

The child who wasn't supposed to make it is that much closer to the finish line.

"I don't put any limitation on him and he doesn't put any on himself. From the beginning he's been told what he could not do and he's done all of that and much more," said Traylon.

And like always, his parents are going to have try that much harder to keep up.

 "I'm going to have to get new running shoes," said Jacquelynn.