Fish and Wildlife search for injured moose

Published On: Mar 14 2013 12:30:03 AM PDT   Updated On: Mar 15 2013 10:45:11 AM PDT

Fish and Wildlife officials are searching for an injured moose who was last seen about five miles north of Rockford.

77-year-old Boyd Wood found the injured animal on his property on Tuesday night.

"He showed up here. He had an arrow sticking out of his front right leg," Wood said.

Wood said the moose had been coming by his house at night so he was shocked when he saw the animal in its condition on Tuesday night.

"When I first saw that arrow in his leg, it almost took my breath away," he said.

Wood said surprisingly the animal seemed to be fine despite his injuries.

"He didn't seem to feel any pain. He didn't feel like he was injured, other than the arrow was sticking straight out from his leg," Wood said.

The moose was gone before Wood woke up. Wood's family found most of the arrow in their yard on Wednesday afternoon.

They called Fish and Wildlife officials and informed them of what happened. Fish and Wildlife officers say they'll collect the evidence and investigate what happened.

They will keep monitoring the situation and if the moose returns and is acting poorly, they may attempt to tranquilize the moose and take a look at it.

If you know anything about the shooting or happen to see the moose, please call 509-892-1001.