With the NCAA tourney starting next week, Gonzaga fans may soon be scrambling to get tickets to the Big Dance. Just getting there, however, is half the battle.

Travel agent Erica Feldman said she had a few Gonzaga fans call her Friday wanting to know if they were open Sunday after its announced where the Zags will be playing.

Fans don't want to waste any time booking their trip, because time is truly money. With just a few days notice, a round trip flight to Salt Lake City rings up to $540, while a trip to San Jose could set you back $564.

Feldman said you need to be patient when planning your trip because you might find fewer flights and hotel rooms to choose from.

"And if it's [a] popular destination, with spring break coming up, a lot of flights are full already so people don't really anticipate there's going to be space for them," Feldman said.

Then you're going to need tickets to the game, too. Gonzaga will get 500 tickets, which are earmarked for donors, while 50 will got to students.

Tickets are available online for both venues; prices range from $50 to over $300.