On Thursday there were a lot of vacant seats inside the courthouse. As Gonzaga's game time approached you could almost hear the wheels of justice grinding to a halt in Superior Court.

Hallways were empty, courtrooms went dark.

Of course there were exceptions; people who were arrested Wednesday night are guaranteed a chance to see a judge so Gonzaga grad Judge Maryann Moreno took one for the team and handled the initial appearance docket.

"I wish I had the afternoon off so I could be home watching the game," Judge Annette Plese said.

Judge Plese spent her afternoon hearing motions, but her jury, dwelling over a domestic violence case, actually asked to delay their deliberations until Gonzaga was done dispatching the Jaguars. .

"They did; when we started jury selection on Monday, that they could have Thursday afternoon off so they could watch the game, and I told them I would accommodate them," she said.

Just across the street from the courthouse The Sidebar was full of bar association members. Gonzaga grad Mark Hodgson knows justice is blind but local lawyers lean decidedly towards the Bulldogs.

"It really is; when you look at how many Gonzaga lawyers stay in our area, it's a big deal for our community," he said.

Gonzaga's next game is on Saturday and so only if the Bulldogs reach the Sweet 16 will anyone have to worry about game-related recesses again at the courthouse.