Doug enjoys being active

Published On: Jul 18 2012 11:51:23 PM PDT
Doug enjoys being active
SPOKANE, Wash. -

It takes a special family to rise to the challenge of adopting a child. However, nearly every adoptive family KXLY4 meets tells us they are the lucky ones to be blessed by having a child in their home. But 16-year-old Doug needs a loving family.

In September 2011, KXLY4's Robyn Nance faced off with Doug at a game of putt putt golf. As hard as Robyn tried, Doug was consistent and ended up as the victor.

"I think she needs a lot more practice," said Doug. 

As Doug showed off his golf skills, he also said he has a drive to be active.

"I like swimming, baseball, and I like football. I like all sports," he said.

But sports aren't the only things he likes. He also enjoys school and learning about math and science.

He also said he loves hanging out with friends and going to the local YMCA.

"I normally just play air hockey there and play pool," he said.

Doug would like to be adopted by a two-parent family with kids. He would also like to be in a family that has rules but isn't too strict.

"I'm just looking for a loving, caring family that will take me in, feed me and support me," he said.

For information on adopting Doug, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.