Documentary hopes to ease process of international adoption

Published On: Apr 05 2013 11:47:37 PM PDT
SPOKANE, Wash. -

It's estimated that there are 20 million orphaned children around the world. And as families embark upon the journey of adoption they find getting those kids home becomes a bureaucratic nightmare.

Friday in Spokane, a filmmaker debuted his documentary "Stuck" to raise awareness about the difficulties of international adoption.

"We believe this is a human rights issue, we believe every child has the right to belong in a family," filmmaker Craig Juntunen said.

When Juntunen and his wife fell in love with three kids in Haiti, he had no idea bout the difficult road before them.

"The system of adoption is so dysfunctional and so broken it was actually keeping children out of families and in many cases destroying these kids," Juntunen said.

While eight out of ten American think international adoption is on the rise - they're wrong. It's decreased for the last eight years and Juntunen believes it's the bureaucratic nightmare causing it.

"We're trying to build a movement and get enough of a broad base of support so that we can have our leaders make these childrens' lives a priority," Juntunen said.
He will drive around in a bus for the next 80 days and visit 62 cities to show his documentary "Stuck". It debuted in Spokane Friday to a big audience, some of whom know exactly what Juntunen is talking about.

"All in all we're into it about 14 months and expecting another three months to have our son home," the Bond family said.

They're watching the film to support the filmmaker. They hope the movie will create change in a system that will keep them from their son for nearly two years. It's love that keeps them optimistic, which is the exact point of "Stuck". Juntunen says it's not just a documentary, it's a love story.

"The audience does recognize that when the child does come home that loves does, in fact, grow kids," Juntunen said.
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