Divers search river for murder weapon

Published On: Oct 08 2012 05:09:34 PM PDT   Updated On: Oct 08 2012 06:46:52 PM PDT
Divers searching Spokane River for murder weapon used in Days Inn homicide
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Divers spent several hours in the waters of the Spokane River Monday searching for a pistol used in the Days Inn homicide last month.

Paul Haney, 33, of Yakima, was found shot to death in the hotel's parking lot last month, and the search for the weapon used in his killing took divers to the 1800 block of Upriver Drive Monday morning.

"Through Spokane Police Department's Major Crime investigation they have information that the weapon used in that homicide was possibly thrown into the river at this location," Spokane County Sheriff spokesman Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

Before anyone entered the water a fake gun was thrown into the river to see where it landed so divers could use that as a reference point to start the search. They went about 40 yards out to the middle of the river and then traversed approximately 50 yards north and south from that point.

"They start at a certain distance, methodically move back and forth," Chamberlin said.

A team of four divers rotated in and out of the water during the search, ensuring a fresh set of eyes were constantly searching for the weapon.

"We are confident if the firearm is in this location that we will find it. If we don't find it that will have to lead to more investigation," Chamberlin said.

Last week police arrested Kevin Heaton in Metaline Falls. While he was arrested on a felony drug warrant, authorities believe he was involved in Haney's killing, though no charges related to his death have been filed against Heaton.