City Hall bolsters security with police presence

Published On: Mar 25 2013 06:43:16 PM PDT   Updated On: Mar 25 2013 06:45:44 PM PDT
Spokane City Hall security -- Lt. Rex Olson
SPOKANE, Wash. -

City Hall is boosting security with a Spokane police officer now assigned there to supervise security in a move that Mayor David Condon has been on the table for years.

With recent acts of violence across the country, and with 7,500 visitors each month to city hall, Mayor Condon decided it was time to make this recommendation a reality by bolster security at city hall.

"We have really started to open up city hall and in doing that I also have to maintain that with a level of security," he explained.

The city recently opened up a new business center as well as a skywalk on the third floor.

In the past, they had two security officers run the first and third floor security checkpoints, but Condon said that wasn't enough.

"We do need to be prudent for the safety of our citizens and employees and this will allow us to do this," he explained. "Really having this third person will allow us to respond to needs if necessary."

The man for the job is Spokane Police Lieutenant Rex Olson.

"I'll be roaming city hall and looking around for things to do and improve it and making sure there aren't any problems," Olson said.

Olson will work with the two security officers, will analyze city hall's security measures and make suggestions for improvements.

"It's definitely a good thing, the people here need it, to feel secure both the public and the employees, you are pretty vulnerable when you are dealing with politics and issues in which people are quite sensitive about," Olson said.

One of the best parts about the new job is that Olson gets to work with people in the community and be there for them each day.

"Being readily available to answer questions and help things out with thing as well is important," he said.

Olson will also be monitoring the Monday night city council meetings as well.