Burglar blames victim for her injuries

Published On: Oct 10 2012 01:11:00 AM PDT   Updated On: Oct 10 2012 01:25:58 AM PDT
Burglar blames victim for her injuries
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A South Hill burglar is blaming his 62-year-old victim for her broken bones because she tried to stop him from stealing her camera.

David Bassford's claims the woman is responsible for her injuries are so outlandish that even Spokane's new police chief is calling the suspect out on his statements.

The victim said Bassford threw her down a flight of concrete stairs in the beginning of September. On the other hand, Bassford denies that part of the attack saying he only assualted the woman while he was trying to make his getaway.

Bassford said it started when an acquaintance was trying to score some weed for him in an apartment complex on 8th Avenue. But Bassford said he grew impatient.

"He told me to wait outside. I was drunk and frustrated and I just went right past the truck and knocked on the front door of that house," said Bassford. "I just went around the house and the door was open. I made my way in and I saw a camera and a bag on the table. I was like 'Is anybody here?' I grab the stuff, no one responded. I was making my way back to the door and I saw a lady come out of no where."

The homeowner said that's when Bassford attacked her. But Bassford insists he was only trying to get away.

"The first elbow, she didn't break loose. (I) elbowed again, she broke loose and I ran for the door," he said.

Police said Bassford did punch the woman on the ground and threw her down the stairs before making his getaway. Bassford's contention that the homeowner brought the beating on herself made Spokane's new police chief speak out.

"We have someone who breaks into a home to commit a burglary, is confronted by a homeowner, ends up seriously hurting the homeowner and then gets captured and blames it on the homeowner. I think here is something wrong with that picture right?" said police chief Frank Straub.

The Spokane superior court said due to Bassford's past 14 felony convictions, his bail was set at $100,000.