Ashley is a tough and active young lady.

Published On: Sep 06 2012 01:26:33 AM PDT
Ashley is a toughand active young lady.
Tacoma, Wash. -

Ashley seems very calm when you meet here, but she's a very active young lady.

She's 15 years old and likes to be on the move.

"It just like sports and basic things except tennis. I don't like tennis," said Ashley.

She's also a gymnast. When she was younger she took gymnastics and now she has been teaching it to others.

"It's just fun and gets a lot of energy out," she said.

Ashley said she'd even like to teach gymnastics when she's older.

Those who have met her say she's a tough young lady who has a sense of self. 

"I can really do anything i set my mind to," she said.

Ashley keeps her emotions close but she may need a family who will help her open up. She would lke a parent and a family who will participate and not just spectate.

"(I would like them to be) active, willing to do sports. (I want) siblings willing to do them with you," she said.

She also doesn't care whether it's a 2 parent family or a single mom or if she lives in the city or country. 

 "I don't really care as long as they're active, loving caring.. can meet my needs, " she said.

If you want information on adopting Ashley, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.