Christmas came early for local skiers and snowboarders Sunday, as 49° North opened for the season.

Mother nature rolled out the white carpet a bit early this year at 49° North to the delight of many outdoor enthusiasts.

“I'm super pumped, snow is great, people are great, having a good time,” said snowboarder Tom Cresswell.

After months of waiting, snow bunnies could finally release some of their pent-up energy on the mountain.

“The conditions are unbelievable for this time of the year,” said Scott Staudenraus.

“The smiling faces, the hoots and the hollers, it's pretty obviously the excitement is in the air,” said 49°’s Director of Skiing and Snowboarding Rick Brown.

The excitement came extra early this year. Brown says this is close to being one of the mountain's earliest openings.

“It's always great to be open early, to be open two weeks prior to Thanksgiving is better than we hoped. Thanksgiving is the day we always shoot for, anything before that is cream,” Brown said.

Two chair lifts were open today and lift tickets were only $20.

Even though Tom Cresswell worked an overnight shift and is running on no sleep, he couldn't miss out on the fun.

“This has been an amazing first day, snow is great, this is the best opening day I've ever experienced,” Cresswell said.

From riders to workers, everyone is glad they got to clip in and carve up some fresh powder weeks before turkey day.

“This would be a good day on any day, it's excellent conditions,” Staudenraus said.

If you didn't have a chance to hit the slopes this on opening day, don't worry: you still have plenty of time. 49° North plans to be open until April 13.