29th Avenue undergoing major overhaul

Published On: Jul 06 2012 10:53:37 AM PDT
Construction on 29th Avenue
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A major arterial on the South Hill is being ripped up this summer which is making for a confusing commute.

29th Avenue from Grand to Bernard is being repaved right now; crews will also install a new 12-inch water main. Once 29th from Grand to Bernard is finished around mid-August, crews move on to the section of 29th between Bernard and High Drive.

In all the project will take until mid-November to finish.

Despite the inconvenience, many neighbors are happy 29th is being repaved because it can be a very bumpy drive.

"It's really bad in the winter, it's bad, but it's such a high traffic road to get to all the new shops now and the stores so I don't know where all that traffic's going to go," Paula Padilla said.

According to signs in the area, traffic will filter through neighborhoods.