Spokane Moms Out To Change The Way You Shop

SPOKANE, Wash. - JoDee Copeland, Joelle Pfeffer, Michele Cleveland and Leah Lorenz have a passion for what they call ''extreme couponing.'' In June these women, who routinely save 98-percent to 99-percent at the grocery store, started a blog called The Coupon Posse .

That blog teaches people to do what they do to save money, and here's a firsthand look at what they do.

First, they usually shop at Albertson's and they never buy anything that isn't on sale.This requires getting each week's ad and actually paying attention to it.

Second, they combine coupons with the store's ad items. They get these coupons from corporate websites, from the newspaper and from the shelves in the store. Some coupons are actually stuck onto the product itself. You just have to look. You combine those coupons with the ads and you have a great deal.

Third, they use ''doublers.'' These are Albertson's coupons that come out once or twice a month in the paper. These 'doublers' double the value of the coupon. So, a $1 off coupon becomes $2 off.

You combine all three of these steps ever time you shop and you will spend next to nothing on your groceries.

"I only spend 100 bucks a month and I have a family of 5. And I mean that's everything, health and beauty supplies, toothpaste, all that," Joelle Pfiffer said.

"My grocery bill cut from $900 a month, now to around $250," JoDee Copleand, another member of The Coupon Posse, said. "I have 9 people in my family, I have 7 kids."

Here's a few examples of their process:

Sandwich bags: Albertson's had a pack on sale for $2.00. Michele Cleveland had a coupon for $1.00 off. With the Albertson's 'doubler' from Sunday's paper those sandwich bags are free.

Orange Juice: Albertson's had a 2 for $5 deal. Then, stuck right on the plastic container is a $1 off each coupon. You use the 'doubler' from the paper and suddenly the 2 for $5 orange juice is 50 cents.

This ''extreme couponing'' is effective, but it takes discipline.

"You can't just go in and buy what you want when you want it, you have to wait for the coupons and the sales," Leah Lorenz said.

That discipline pays off at the checkout counter. The Coupon Posse bought 27 items that regularly retailed for $77.18 for just 87 cents thanks to their smart shopping.

"It seriously makes me sick to my stomach to see people spend more money than they have to when they could save so much," Joelle Pfeffer said.