Spokane man continues fight against brain cancer

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man battling brain cancer now needs help to enroll in a clinical trial that could save his life.

Joey Cawyer was first diagnosed with brain cancer 2 1/2 years ago, at just 19-years old.  Since the diagnoses, Cawyer been through endless chemotherapy and radiation treatments- doctor's aren't sure how much more his body can take.

In the past few months, Joey's mom, Cindy Anderson, said his health has been quickly declining.

Spokane man continues fight against brain cancer

"He's just having a hard time articulating his words, he's got vision problems in one eye, his eye, his right eye is kind of wandering," Cindy Anderson said.

Anderson believes a clinical trial involving a stem cell transplant may be their last hope at beating the deadly disease.

"With doing the procedure in mice it has stalled the disease, stalled the cancer," Anderson said.

The trial will take place at City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital outside of Los Angeles, CA.

But, before they enroll Anderson said they need at least $2,000 to cover a few medical and travel expenses.  Once enrolled, the trial pays for almost all the care Joey will receive.  Anderson hopes to be in California by next week.

"So I have to do what I have to do," Anderson said.

"I think any mom would.  It's just what you do.  You know from the minute they are born that is your mission; you take care of them.  Good or bad I will try everything possible," she said.

An account has been set up at STCU under Joey Cawyer-Anderson.  You can also send donations to 106 Walker Drive Cheney, WA 99004.