Spokane County awarded $1 million Department of Justice grant

SPOKANE, Wash. - On Thursday, Spokane County was awarded a $998,259 grant from the United States Department of Justice, which will be used to implement a community “smart re-entry” program for clients that are released from the Spokane County Jail.

The first year of the project will require the creation of a Spokane County and City Spokane Reentry Task Force.

The force will build a planning and implementation guide for expanding reentry services in the Spokane region.

The project will fund the Spokane region Jail Transitions Pathways Community HUB project. The Pathways Community HUB project is a collaborative partnership with Better Health Together. 

The HUB project is an innovative service delivery model that focuses on reducing identifiable risk factors for high-risk individuals and populations through care coordination. 

The Pathways HUB project will rely upon community health workers who will engage with incarcerated participants prior to their release to assess their needs and upon release into the community will work with the individual on identified issues.

Offering her perspective on this grant, Dr. Jacqueline van Wormer, who assisted with the grant submission, stated “Spokane County was one of only five counties across the country awarded this grant. This community now has the opportunity to continue our focus on justice reforms and systems improvement while expanding the focus on our reentry population.”