Spokane Community Garden Vandalized

SPOKANE, Wash. - Ripped up tomato plants, destroyed stakes and a ransacked shed is how elderly gardeners discovered their community garden in north Spokane Tuesday morning.

Sometime Monday night vandals jumped the fence surrounding the Northeast Community Garden and destroyed seven out of 48 garden beds.

"Oh, the damage they hurt my heart, this is not just plants, look they hurt me," said Ksenia Daranutss.

Ksenia Daranutss, 84, works in her garden plot everyday, all day making sure her tomato and cucumber plants grow just right.

Daranutss said the vandals destroyed 60 percent of her tomato plants, produce she can't afford unless it comes from her garden.

"It's really painful, it hurts," Daranutss said.

Tatyana Bistrevsky oversees the community garden. She said this is the second time in a year vandals destroyed plants.

Bistrevsky believes the vandals are targeting the Russian community because most of the gardeners are elderly and from Russia or surrounding countries.

"It's very painful for me to see the suffer of members of my community especially the elderly people," said Tatyana Bistrevsky

Bistrevsky said the vandals also broke into a garden shed, stole tools and turned the hoses on all night.

"When it's too much water for the plants it's a dead end, yeah it's a killer," Bistrevsky said.

Bistrevsky said if the vandals would like produce all they have to do is ask, they are more than willing to share. Bistrevsky said she filed a police report with Crime Check and hopes someone will step forward to help put the vandals in jail.

If you have any information call Crime Check at 456-2233.