Spokane cab community comes together to honor Gagan Singh

Spokane cab community comes together...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A somber sight at Spokane International Airport this morning as nearly three dozen taxi cabs came together too form a procession in honor of Gagan Singh..

Singh, who, his coworkers affectionately called Dagger, was working as a cab driver at the airport when he picked up 19-year-old Jacob Coleman of Puyallup Monday afternoon.

Coleman later told detectives he was angered about his rejection from Gonzaga University, but the school confirmed he never actually applied.

Coleman led Singh on a two hour drive to nowhere, purchased a knife and killed him in the cab.

This morning's procession was not about his death, though, but rather a chance to remember the beautiful and all too short life he lived.

Julie Diltz, driver and dispatcher with Orange Cab and United Cab Company explained, “our focus right now is honoring this young man. He was a really great kid, he took good care as part of the family that we work for he took good care of all of us.”

A young man who was not only bright, but involved.

“Dagger was just finishing school. He was actually building an app for us,” Julie added.

Cab driver Dan Cyrus shared that Singh would keep them updated on what was going on with Uber.

While the procession only lasted minutes, each cab now bears a bumper sticker so Dagger will continue to live on in the memory of this community.