SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- -

A crowd of about 400 people attended the Wednesday evening hearing in Spokane on a proposed coal terminal at Longview that would be served by trains rolling through Spokane.

Environmentalists and other opponents wearing red T-shirts dominated testimony on the Millennium Bulk Terminal project. They said the environmental study should include impacts in Spokane.

Supporters in blue T-shirts said the terminal will create jobs.

Three more hearings on the scope of an environmental study will be held Oct. 1 in Pasco, Oct. 9 in Vancouver and Oct. 17 in Tacoma.

Two other coal export terminals are proposed in the Northwest, one near Bellingham and one on the Columbia at Boardman, Ore. All would be used to ship coal from Montana and Wyoming to Asia.

Do you have a problem with coal trains rolling through Spokane?