TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- -

Women in New Jersey can block a baby's father from the delivery room.

A state judge, citing a woman's right to privacy, ruled that mothers can decide who will be with them when giving birth. That judge took it a step further, saying mothers are not required to tell the father she's going into labor.

In an opinion released Monday, the judge cited privacy rights outlined in two federal abortion cases. The case was argued over the telephone last year in Passaic County while Rebecca DeLuccia went into labor and delivered a girl.

Her estranged fiance, Steven Plotnick, wanted access to the baby at birth. Plotnick's attorney, Laura Nunnink, tells The Star-Ledger of Newark it was important to her client to bond with the baby.

DeLuccia's lawyer, Joanna Brick, says DeLuccia allowed Plotnick to visit, and his lawyer says he saw the child.

Do you agree with the judge? Or do you feel dads should have the right to see their child come into the world?