A ban on strapless dresses at an upcoming eighth-grade dance at a middle school in Readington, New Jersey has sparked a flood of controversy.

The school's principal says those bare shoulders are just too distracting for the boys,

One mother wrote a three page letter to the school superintendent saying that dress code is "arbitrary and a violation of every girl's fundamental rights."

Dress codes for school dances are hardly new.

Schools throughout the nation are asking students to wear dresses that aren't too low-cut, too short or that have too many cut-outs.

The superintendent and principal released a statement said that the school district's dress code applies to school days and events, and that they welcome input from families.  The Readington School Board is is likely to address the strapless dress ban matter at  their next scheduled meeting on May 14th.

Do you support the principal's decision?  Or do you think kids should be able to dress however they want?