Sound Off for September 26th: Do you have a problem with Washington wolf pack being culled?

Published On: Sep 26 2012 02:21:59 PM PDT
Gray Wolf

Wolves are back in Washington and causing big problems for ranchers in Northern Stevens County.

A pack of eight to eleven wolves called the Wedge Pack killed more than forty head of cattle on the Diamond M Ranch this year.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says it is surprised how fast wolves are re-colonizing the area..

They also have plans to kill as many wolves in the Wedge Pack as possible because they are targeting cattle.

In Eastern Washington wolves are protected as an endangered species by the state, but because of the threat to ranchers, the government is getting the go ahead to cull the pack.

Do you have a problem with the culling of wolf packs?

Or do you feel it needs to happen in order to help local ranchers out?

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