Sound Off for September 25th: Is it time for fans to boycott the NFL over ref issue?

Published On: Sep 25 2012 01:01:59 PM PDT
Football referee

The White House is now weighing in on the NFL ref issue.

President Barack Obama believes that a disputed end to the Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks football game means it is time to resolve a labor dispute and get regular referees back to officiating NFL games.

The president, an avid sports fan, watched the game and "thinks there was a real problem with that call."

The Seahawks won 14-12 after referees ruled a Seattle receiver caught the ball amid a pile of bodies in the end zone in the game's last play.

The White House calls the play "very distressing for every American football fan."

The NFL conceded the bad call Tuesday, but upheld the Seattle victory.

What's going to get the NFL's attention and fix the issue? Is it time for fans to stop watching and boycott all things pro-football?

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