Sound Off for October 30th: Should the election be postponed?

Published On: Oct 30 2012 01:55:37 PM PDT   Updated On: Oct 30 2012 02:07:05 PM PDT
Sandy media gallery boardwalk

Could superstorm Sandy postpone the presidential election?

It could take days to restore electricity to more than 8 million homes and businesses that lost power when the storm pummeled the East Coast.

That means it's possible power could still be out in parts of some states on Election Day next Tuesday -- a major problem for precincts that rely on electronic voting machines.

Congress sets the date for the presidential election and could change it, but that's unlikely because Congress would have to come back from recess and pass a law.

Plus, it would wreak havoc on state and local elections scheduled for the same day.

Should the election be postponed?   Or do East Coast states need to just figure out how to make it happen even if the power's still out?  

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