Sound Off for October 25th: Should high school football be banned?

Published On: Oct 25 2012 12:57:51 PM PDT
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As millions of kids across the country get ready to take the football field this weekend, a doctor in Dover, New Hampshire has sparked a national uproar after his call to stop the sport in high school.

Dr. Paul Butler is a retired surgeon and a member of the school board.

He thinks there's enough evidence of damaging concussions from football that he thinks Dover High School should drop the sport.

Dr. Paul Butler, "The literature on head injuries in football is getting increasingly clear that it's dangerous for our brains."

Dr. Butler's radical idea has sent the shockwaves through the sports world, drawing criticism from conservative radio talk host, Rush Limbaugh and Dover fans of the beloved high school football team --Green Waves.

Butler admits he doesn't have the votes to ban football right now, but says his proposal is a first step toward the inevitable..

And the science is on Dr. Butler's side, the studies show that kids who play high school football and even peewee football are exposing themselves to the dangers of head trauma.

Do you agree with the proposed football ban?  Or should families be allowed to decide on their own if they want to let their children play?

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