Sound Off for October 23rd: Is social media changing politics for better or worse?

Published On: Oct 23 2012 01:20:17 PM PDT
Obama talking final debate

Social media sites blew up during last night's debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama.

In fact, Obama's "horses and bayonets" comment became the focal point on Twitter, becoming the top trend in the U.S. and third worldwide.

50 Facebook pages named "horses and bayonets" popped up last night alone.

We're bombarded daily with commercials, political signs in yards, fliers in the mail, but social media has opened up a whole new world in the political arena.

And while every person on Facebook and Twitter have the right to voice their own opinion, do you feel much of it is so baseless,  it could actually sway voters into thinking opinions are actual fact?

Are social media sites turning the political arena into a wasteland of factual inaccuracies?

Or do you think it's changing politics for the better, by keeping more Americans interested in what's going on in politics?

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