Sound Off for October 1st: Do you think schools need to replace Native American mascots?

Published On: Oct 01 2012 01:12:37 PM PDT
north central indians

The state Board of Education is making another attempt at encouraging Washington schools to replace their Native American mascots.

In the past decade, about 10 schools have given up their Indian mascots.

But another 50, including tribal schools, are holding fast to their nicknames as warriors, braves, redskins and red devils.

The state board passed a resolution on Wednesday urging districts to stop using Native American mascots.

But as board spokesman Aaron Wyatt acknowledges, the board does not have the authority to mandate this change.

So there are no consequences for schools that do not voluntarily choose a new mascot.

Would you like to see Spokane schools like the North Central Indians change their mascot? Do you have a problem with it?

Or do you think schools should keep their Native American mascots?

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