Sound Off for October 17th: When it comes to charity, does Lance Armstrong's doping conviction matter?

Published On: Oct 17 2012 02:28:12 PM PDT
Lance Armstrong

After declining to contest charges he'd used performance enhancing drugs to win his record-setting 7 Tour de France titles, and one week after the U-S Anti-Doping Agency detailed the sweeping allegations against him, 41 year old Lance Armstrong stepped today down as chairman of his cancer charity, Livestrong.

The foundation he started has raised about half-a-billion dollars to help cancer patients since 1997.

But Armstrong received another blow today when Nike, his biggest corporate sponsor, announced it is dropping his endorsement deals.

However, Nike will continue to support Livestrong.

Armstrong still maintains his innocence against the doping charges, and says his decision to step down was made so the foundation can focus on its mission instead of defending him.

Given how much Armstrong's charity has raised, do you think the doping convictions matter?  Would you still donate to Livestrong?

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