Sound Off for October 12th: Who won last night's VP debate?

Published On: Oct 12 2012 01:21:57 PM PDT
Biden-Ryan debate

Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan squabbled over the economy, taxes, Medicare and foreign policy in their one and only debate.

The 90-minute face-off was fast-moving and feisty from the start and marked by sharp disagreements and interruptions.

After Ryan attacked the administration's foreign policy as being weak, the vice president called the assessment "a bunch of malarkey."

About the interruptions, Ryan said Biden was "under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground."  

That was reference to last week's presidential debate in which even President Barack Obama concedes he had "a bad night."

Unlike that debate, Biden brought up the video in which Romney had said 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax, view themselves as victims and do not take responsibility for their own lives.

The event was held at Kentucky's Centre College and moderated by ABC's Martha Raddatz.

Who do you feel won the debate?  Did it change the way you plan to vote?

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