Sound Off for October 10th: Does affirmative action need to be done away with or just reformed?

Published On: Oct 10 2012 01:22:12 PM PDT
Supreme Court - Generic

The Supreme Court is questioning the University of Texas' use of race in college admissions in a case that could lead to new limits on affirmative action.

The justices heard arguments today in a challenge to the program from a white Texan who claims she was discriminated against when the university did not offer her a spot in 2008.

The university says the program that fills roughly a quarter of its incoming classes uses race among many factors and argues that is necessary to provide the kind of diverse educational experience the high court has previously endorsed.

The rest of its slots go to students who are admitted based on their class rank, without regard to race.

The court's conservatives cast doubt on the program that uses race as one among many factors in admitting about a quarter of the university's incoming freshmen.

Justice Anthony Kennedy at one point said Texas was arguing that race counts "above all." Kennedy's vote could be critical to the outcome.

Twenty-two-year-old Abigail Fisher. the student who originally filed the lawsuit, was among the hundreds of spectators at the arguments.

How would you rule in this case?  Should affirmative action be done away with or do universities just need to re-vamp the system?

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