Sound Off for November 27th: Should pregnant teens get maternity leave from school?

Published On: Nov 27 2012 02:38:59 PM PST
Pregnant mother

A civil rights group is fighting to get pregnant teens in New Mexico maternity leave from school, but some people feel it could send the wrong message.

The ACLU is pushing for a law that would give ten days maternity leave for young moms and 14 additional days off a semester.

The group says it's the best way to prevent young mothers from dropping out.

Advocates are proposing that any work a student misses because of parenthood will need to be made up in the same amount of time that was taken off.

But some parents say the law would condone teen pregnancy.

The ACLU is hoping to include the law in January's legislative session.

The group says a study on teen pregnancy contributed to the push for the proposal.

Do you like the idea or do you agree that it would condone teen pregnancy?

Would you like to see it happen here in Washington and Idaho?

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