Sound Off for November 22nd: Given recent accusations, should Elmo have remained part of the Macy's parade?

Published On: Nov 22 2012 12:59:21 PM PST

The annual Macy's day parade went off without a hitch this morning in New York City.

But one parade participant had some people raising their eyebrows and feeling awkward.

Some parade-goers took to Twitter asking why Elmo was allowed to take part in today's festivities given his puppeteer is facing serious allegations of sexual abuse.

Kevin Clash announced his resignation this week, but the makers of Sesame Street say current events have no bearing on the lovable Elmo and an alternate puppeteer took over for today's parade duties.

Given the recent drama surrounding Elmo, should Sesame Street taken him out of the parade?

Or do you feel Elmo needs to be left out of the Kevin Clash drama?

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